Typewritten Tales, LUNGS Festival,
6th & B Garden, East Village, September 2014

Typewritten Tales, Ukrainian Festival,
E. 7th Street, East Village, Lower East Side History Month, May 2015

(Laverne's) Dream House, 2014
Jan Peek House Shelter
Peekskill, NYClyne Working

Collage workshop at 
The Domenech
July 2014Artseed Collective
Juneteenth Festival 2014
Peekskill, NY
Final Invite to Art Apartment 

Art Apartment
Community Based Work
The past few years, through a combination of work, volunteer opportunities, and residencies, I have been fortunate enough to work with several unique community groups. The people I work with include children, adults, and older adults, all of whom inspire, challenge, and humble me. Together we form creative havens to make, look, see, talk, and exchange.