string and sap (detail)

string swaying

string on door knob

string in blinds

unflattering moments, 
cut offs

Lonely Cow, Fall Creek Road
Freeville, NY

childhood pines, at the dacha, 42nd kilometer, outside of Moscow 
(re-photograph from late 90s or early 2000s)Sleeper(S)

Dutch Candys

Cactus Breakup

Last Sunday 
Industry City, NYPile me
Croton Dam, NY

Red Erin
Croton Dam, NY

Desert Confetti
Joshua Tree, CA

Bagheera and the Rat

Smokey Moon Jump


Squirrel Gift
from Bagheera the Cat

white on white

pastel fingertips

lanyard and white

double rainbow

Pot Holders

Rose in the Kitchen

Sorry Dogs in the sun...

tulle stuck in door

Soldier Ghost
Ossining, NY

Ghost Room Ghost
Ossining, NY

Depart, with confettimorning after napkin
Vrsovice, Praha, CZTrampoline Boys
Kleylehof, Austria

Tina Trampoline Hair
Kleylehof, Austria

Tina Trampoline w/Sun Spots
Kleylehof, Austria

I miss youfeet up, EmeliaWith feathers in your back...

'Blue Bonnet'

i pee (in abandoned spaces)

ash confetti, 
with Janna Lundius

the blues, 
with Janna Lundius

window in the ceiling

windows open

Peekskill, NY
Caught & Crafted Moments