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Materials/Props/Components: Beets, clay, (chocolate) shit, raw steak, typical houseplant, cheap cologne, 'candy dildo', Fetish Bubble Girls porno book, (found in trash in Berlin), A History of the Ancient Civilizations of Mexico, votive candles, ceramic fertility figure, glass Virgin of Guadalupe, fake flowers, cheap thongs, fake nails, fly swatters, red thread, plaster and papier mache masks, jaguar car hood ornament, synthetic pink hair, neon pink duct tape, mirrors, concrete, bulletin board, altar shelf, fake fur, snail shells, leather tails, ash, confetti, helium balloon, lollipops, fake eye lashes, borrowed red rain boots, dried & flattened rabbit faces, MacBook Pro, Body Golder + guests

DAMU, Prague Czech Republic, May 2013

Video courtesy of Josef Madera

BAND PRACTICE, Live Installation & Performance (Video)
Mixed Media